12 Great Tips For Keeping Your Wedding Budget in Check


You got engaged! Congratulations! Let the wedding planning begin. So where should you start? Firstly, we recommend that you determine a budget or how much you are willing to spend. This is not exciting as the rest of your wedding planning but we assure you, the earlier you get this out of the way, the better.

How much should you spend? Well, you should not go into any kind of debt when planning your wedding. Try to avoid it as much as possible, as wedding debt has a way of hanging over your head long after you have tied the knot and it is something no one really wants.

Making a concerted effort to manage your wedding expenses is not something that most couples enjoy, however, we have proven that it works and saves a great deal of stress. Here are some ways you can cut some of your wedding expenses and avoid debt:

  • Have your wedding on a weekday. This is a really great idea if the venue you were considering is not available on the weekend. This will also help you in managing your guest list.

  • Avoid guest list bloat. Seriously think about why you are inviting persons to your wedding. Once you have a valid reason then they remain on the list. If you don’t, then remove and share your pictures with them later on.

  • Go digital with your save-the-dates, invitations, and RSVPs. There are lots of online apps to assist you with managing all this information. Also, many couples are opting to build websites to announce their nuptials. Both methods save on postage and printed invitations which are often discarded after the wedding.

  • Select a non-conventional venue. This is where your creativity comes in. Think of venues that are not considered popular for weddings and go for it. Set the trend, think outside the box, add some Do-It-Yourself (DIY) decor and voilà, you are set. You can also select a venue where you can have a standing ceremony. This will save on rentals (chairs, tents etc.). However, ensure you have a couple of seats for guests who are unable to stand for the entire ceremony.

  • DIY your wedding decor. We can’t express enough how much fun this is, especially when you are winging it. It is also great bonding time with your future spouse, family, and bridal party.

  • You don’t have to overspend on your wedding dress. More and more brides are opting to go with less expensive wedding dresses as they value their money. At Mahrid Me, we carry affordable dresses to suit every budget. Besides, I don’t think any of your guests will know or be interested that you spent a lot of money on a dress which you are only going to wear for a few hours.

  • Cut down on the bridesmaids. By cutting down on your bridesmaids you save on gifts, bouquets and it helps in managing your stress levels throughout the planning process.

  • Less tiers saves you more with your wedding cake. Our wedding cake vendor asked us “why do you need all that cake?” At the time we wanted three tiers, which was turning out to be over our cake budget. So we thought about it and downgraded to a two-tier cake which was well within budget.

  • In exchange for gifts, ask your guests for help. Try asking for assistance in setting up for your ceremony and reception. This can be a great help especially if you are Doing-It-Yourself. Skip the limo service and ask guests to transport you from your ceremony to the location for your wedding photos, reception, and hotel.

  • Plan a staycation instead of an elaborate honeymoon. Staycations are great and easy on your budget. Come up with some creative ideas to celebrate your honeymoon and make it memorable.

  • Select a basic menu. Try having only one meat instead of many. Also, eliminating alcohol saves you a lot of money.

  • Hiring a Wedding Photographer. For a budget-friendly alternative try hiring an up-and-coming photographer - someone who maybe a close friend, coworker, neighbour or family member looking for a break.

Once your budgeted expenses are realistic, try really hard to stick with it. You should only spend what you are truly comfortable with and shop around for vendors to get the best deals. Avoid vendors who encourage you to go over your budget. You can also try attending Wedding Expos and participate to win prizes. We know a couple who attended an Expo and won almost everything for their wedding day. Amazing right!