DIY Wedding Decor


So you have always dreamed of your wedding. You have gone over your big day a million times and it is now a reality. On your to-do list you have arrived at the onerous task of hiring a decorator. You have called around and realized that it may not be within your budget. So you have to make a decision - break your budget or spend less money on another aspect of the wedding? Or you just might discover your creative side by Doing-it-Yourself.

Ok stay with me and breathe. It’s not as difficult as you think. I did it for my wedding together with my husband. Plus we bonded even more and discovered how hot that glue gun could actually get. Still with me, now it all depends on your venue. Maybe you decided on a location where the decorations are included, perfect. When you call around be sure to ask about that option. Or maybe, your nuptials are around Christmas time and the venue is already decorated. If not, simply get a vision for your venue of choice. Think about how you would like it decorated, given your budget.

So now you maybe wondering after the wedding what to do with all the decorations. Well I’m glad you asked. You could have the guests take away the centerpieces as wedding favors, just a thought. One small tip, be sure to assign someone to monitor this to ensure everyone gets a memento. Remember to keep everything from the head table, you can use it to decorate your home together as a couple.

With that said, whatever decorative idea you decide to use keep in mind how you could repurpose it, so that nothing gets wasted. One last thing, if you need someone to decorate your venue you can ask your family or one of your friends. In that way, this could be their wedding gift to you.