7 Helpful Tips On Becoming An Invaluable Bridesmaid


Being called to be a bridesmaid is an honor, but the role also comes with significant responsibility. You are often required to help and support the bride through the process, coordinate key events leading up to the wedding day, and make sure that things go smoothly. It can be quite stressful, but you can thoroughly enjoy the experience. Here are seven helpful tips on becoming an invaluable bridesmaid;

  • Arrange a gathering of and solicit the assistance of other bridesmaids in preparing and sending out invitations on behalf of the groom and bride. Collate all of the addresses of invited guests for the happy couple and take responsibility for delivering or mailing them out.

  • Now that the invitations have gone out and the rsvps are coming in, you can further assist by keeping track of the persons who responded and those that are still outstanding. This is normally a tedious and tiring process for the bride and groom who have to literally run down persons to respond.

  • If the couple are more on the creative side and would like to add personal touches to their big day then by all means assist them with their do-it-yourself projects. Assist with research and find locations where you can purchase materials at bargain prices. Then you can have a DIY project party to assemble everything with the help of the bridal party.

  • Create a checklist for the bride with the list of things she needs to complete such as buying and cleaning her dress; booking hair, nail, and makeup appointments; packing for the honeymoon; getting a ready location; getting bridesmaids dresses; and so forth.

  • Keep the bride stress free as much as possible. Take her out one day or to an event just to relax and do not discuss wedding stuff. She will appreciate this.

  • On the big day, assist by ensuring things run smoothly. Volunteer to be the time keeper or point person for any issues which may arise. Be prepared to be the last one to leave.

  • Before the happy couple returns from the honeymoon, you can see to it that their home is clean and ready for their arrival. Purchase groceries, thank you cards, and then you can relax.