Choosing The Right Wedding Dress


Selecting your wedding dress is one of the most important aspects of planning your wedding. Before you swipe that credit card or add to cart have you taken into consideration the location of your wedding? If getting married in the tropics, heavily layered wedding dresses are not suited for warm weather. These dresses were made for seasons other than dry or wet. One bride learnt this the hard way on her wedding day. She expressed disappointment in her purchase. Although it was an absolutely beautiful dress, she selected it solely based on beauty rather than thinking the appropriateness of the garb for the islands. Don’t let this be you.

Here are some things to consider when wedding dress and accessories shopping:

  • Indoor wedding. Getting married indoors is the preferred choice. An A-line, Mermaid or Sheath dress will be the most comfortable silhouettes for your nuptials. These silhouettes will provide great flexibility and will suit any style of wedding.

  • Outdoor wedding. If you are having an outdoor or beach wedding it is recommended that your dress should be light and flowy. You may consider tea-length gowns or high low wedding dresses for beach weddings. A light dress will keep your cool and create beautiful photos when the wind gently blows your dress during the ceremony. On another note, dresses with trains tend to get dirty pretty quickly during beach weddings and may or may not create the ideal photo. However, you can select a dress with a detachable train to solve this issue. 

  • Types of veils. If getting married outdoors it is important to note that certain types of veils may create a distraction during the ceremony on a windy day. Your veil can go flying at the wrong time and mess up your hair. Hair accessories may be best suited for a beach wedding and birdcage veils for other types of outdoor weddings.

You may have noticed that we did not mention ball gowns for the tropics. Well that’s what our bride selected and complained about. Ball gowns are not the best type of wedding dress for the tropics. Although most brides select them for the princess look, you may end up regretting it after spending most of the day in it. Remember, on your wedding day, comfort is key and with your accessories, makeup, and nerves you don’t want to worry about being extremely warm, uncomfortable, and possibly fainting. Choose wisely.