Selecting The Right Veil To Complement Your Wedding Dress


Have you ever wondered which veil to select for your wedding dress? Not to worry. Many brides aren’t quite sure themselves. So we decided to get some expert knowledge on this topic and recently reached out to and had a chat with Natasha Quow-Hernandez, owner of Tasha's Couture

Mahrid Me (MM): How long have you been a seamstress?

Natasha Quow-Hernandez (NQH): I’ve been in the business about 28 years. 

MM: Is it correct you even designed and constructed your own wedding dress?

NQH: Yes I did, it was one of many wedding dresses I have made over the years.  

MM: Besides wedding dresses you also make veils, correct?

NQH: Yes I do. 

MM: For our readers, can you tell us the different styles of veils and their measurements?

NQH: Shoulder or Flyaway veils should touch the shoulder from the headpiece. The Elbow veil should touch the elbow from the headpiece. Likewise, Fingertip veils should touch the fingertips from the headpiece. Ballet and Waltz veils should extend down to the ankle from the headpiece. Chapel and Cathedral type veils should fall 2 ½ yds and 3 ½ yds from the headpiece, respectively. 

MM: Can you pick at least four styles of wedding dress and match them with the appropriate veils?  

NQH: The train of the dress sets the length of the veil. For instance, a Sweep train measures 39” / 1m in length. Whereas a Chapel train measures 72” / 3m and Cathedral is 234” / 6m or 351” / 9m in length. Correspondingly, Shoulder or Flyaway veils should be worn with informal dresses. Elbow and Fingertip veils complement informal and formal dresses.  Ballet or Waltz go well with formal dresses with a sweep length train, Chapel with formal dresses with a chapel length train, and Cathedral with a formal dress with a cathedral length train. 

MM: After you highlight these pairings to your clients, do they heed your advice?

NQH: Yes some heed my advice whereas others do not.                         

MM: I'm sure our readers certainly learnt a lot today. Any last thoughts you would like to share? 

NQH: A veil is as important as the dress.  

We would really like to thank Natasha for some very insightful information on selecting the right veil to complement your wedding dress. Natasha also made the Capelet pictured below for another client some time ago. So yeah, she is super talented. Feel free to message her on Facebook at Tasha's Couture. We'll also chat with her about her catering services at D Sweet Shack in a subsequent article.