Wedding Coordinators


When persons asked us who was our Wedding Planner, they gasped when we told them we didn’t have one. I do believe they are vital, however, when planning a wedding with 50 persons or less they may not be fully utilized as much. With that said, I think it is absolutely necessary to hire someone to handle all the nitty gritty stuff on your wedding day. 

The role of the Wedding Coordinator is to lend some assistance leading up to the wedding, but the idea behind their services is to be that go-to-behind-the-scenes person on your wedding day. I know you are wondering about the cost, well, because their services are only for the wedding day, it will be more cost effective than hiring someone for the duration of your wedding planning, be it 6 months to 1 year or more.

Therefore, based on your budget you can either hire a Wedding Planner or Coordinator. Whichever you choose, please ensure that your read their agreements carefully before signing and most of all read their reviews. Then, when your wedding day has passed be sure to recommend them to others.