What It Takes To Be A Better Bride


You may think that you are be able to plan, coordinate, and manage every aspect of your wedding. Doing so however, may lead to frustration, missed details, and possible burnout before the big day. Getting your bridesmaids involved and sharing the responsibility is an excellent way, not only to avoid this, but build deeper and more meaningful relationships. Sharing is very simple and doable, so let’s keep everyone happy, involved, and create fond memories. Here are seven great tips to consider;

  • Have a meeting with your bridesmaids to discuss what you expect of them. Assign roles and establish shared responsibilities. Make the planning process clear, easy to understand, and minimize everyone coming to you about minor details which can become overbearing. Encourage them to avoid unnecessary conflicts and work together.

  • Encourage your bridesmaids to get to know each other by assigning them various tasks which will require them to share their ideas and get the job done. New friendships can be forged.

  • Remember that your bridesmaids will still have their own life outside of the wedding. Try not to monopolize their time with things that you may need to get done. Understand that their schedule may not permit them to respond to every message or email immediately. Send out gentle reminders once you have not heard from them within a reasonable time.

  • You said yes to your dress, so extend the same courtesy to them, within reason of course. Now this can be tricky, but it works - have a few suggestions for them already lined up and include some patterned dresses which they can wear again someday. Some brides even go so far as purchasing the dresses and shoes for their bridesmaids, including jewelry as a gift or thank you. Once your budget allows, you can entertain this idea. This way they wouldn’t feel like they wasted money on a dress they may never wear again.

  • Keep track of how much you are asking them to spend. Respect their budgets and think about ways they can reuse some of the purchases before everything is bought. They will love you for this.

  • Extend a plus one invitation to your bridesmaids even if they do not take it up or are not in a long-term relationship. Be sure to acknowledge them and their hard work on the day. Show lots of appreciation.

  • Don’t forget to say thank you after your honeymoon. Purchase little gifts for them whilst on your trip or beforehand, when you may be shopping for decorations. You can always go for the personalized touch and create do-it-yourself items to say thank you.