You Don't Have To Overspend On Your Wedding Dress


How much are you willing to spend on your wedding dress? I know you may have a budget, but chances are once you visit any wedding store to purchase your dress, that said budget will quickly become non-existent. So, the question still remains how much...? Wedding dresses can be expensive, if your heart desires to strut down the aisle in one of the popular designers. However, more and more brides are opting to go with cheap wedding dresses as they value their money. Besides, I don’t think any of your guests will know or be interested that you spent a lot of money on a dress which you are going to wear for a few hours. Most, if not all guests compliment the bride on how beautiful she looks and no one asks which designer you are wearing.

With that said, why spend so much on a wedding dress when your chances of reselling it for even a fraction of the cost is virtually impossible. Preowned dresses are beginning to catch on, but only if the price is right. Flaws in these dresses also affect the asking price of the dress and you may eventually have to lower your price to meet the demand. In the end, you still have to count it a loss, more or less.

So, how about when that time comes around to shop for your wedding dress you weigh all of your options. If you opt to visit a store, do not back down from your budget, and especially when you book the appointment and they enquire as to how much you want to spend. Once you sense they are not willing to assist you or laugh at your budget - walk away! Remember, no one is going to ask you about the designer of your dress on that day. Also, if you want to entertain the option of reselling your dress you want to ensure that your selling price isn’t a great loss to you.

How much are you willing to spend on your wedding dress? Well, let’s always keep in mind that building a solid marriage far outweighs the excessive spending that is synonymous with weddings.